Our Award Winning Engineering Team Ensures You Get the Right Solution Everytime

Our dedicated in-house engineering team brings with it 50+ years of experience designing and building both simple and complex solutions that provide scalability and flexibility to support the growth and expansion of a wide variety of retailers and wholesalers.

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  • System Integrations
  • Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Building Maintenance
  • Sales/RFP Support
  • MHE Maintenance
  • Safety Engineering
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Continuous Improvement
  • At right is an example of an Automated Sortation System with 45 lanes, 121 store sorts, and 4 inbound doors.
  • This solution can handle 20 routes for 121 stores utilizing up to 17 doors outbound.
  • The solution utilizes only 50k sq ft total footprint with 413 sq ft per store allocation.
  • PT designs customized solutions for our customers’ business requirements.
  • At left is a representation of a Proposed Sortation System which accommodates 45 sorts in actual install.
  • It includes the ability to auto-scan and divert with manual final store sort and pallet build.
  • The engineered overall Cartons Per Hour (CPH) goal is 63.