Our enterprise integration bus allows customers to connect seamlessly with our distributions systems. The systems integration is process based, and data is transformed and published based on your custom business rules. Data can be fed to our platform via traditional EDI protocols or using internet and cloud based adapters.  This integration layer provides real-time access and visibility to all business events.

Agility and Execution

Our business applications are fully customizable and are configured based on your business processes.  Our cloud based data network enables Performance Team to quickly deploy systems and processes to meet your implementation timeframes.

Transportation Management

Our transportation systems are designed to provide constant visibility to equipment and inventory.  GPS tracking and wireless communication allow us to monitor the movement of inventory.  Shipments are optimized based on routing and customer priorities.  Pickup and delivery status is immediately visible and available for transfer back to our customers’ host systems.

Transload inventory and consolidations are tracked at the carton level.  Inbound and outbound handling events are automatically matched to provide data integrity and 100% accurate shipping information.  Our transportation management system is fully integrated with our material handling systems in order to provide efficient dock handling and rapid consolidation of inventory.


Our technical infrastructure is fully redundant at the network, database and application level in order to ensure 24×7 access and availability.   Computing platforms are 100% virtualized in order to scale and deploy quickly to meet the demands of your business.