Transportation Management: Cross Dock and Freight Forwarder Services

Trans Features

Transportation Management: Cross Dock and Freight Forwarder Services

Performance Team’s transportation logistics services include the ability to track shipments online. Consistent visibility of the progress of transportation drivers are a key facet of evaluating the effectiveness of transportation logistics transparently.

  • Vendor Pick-Up and Consolidation
  • Transloading / Deconsolidation
  • Pool point distribution
  • Local transportation management and regional line haul
  • ASN, EDl manifesting and bar code carton labeling
  • Purchase order verification
  • Automated trailer cube utilization and load planning
Trans Store Delivery

Dedicated Store Delivery

Performance Team’s dedicated and customized pool distribution for major retailers currently services over 500 malls, stores and shopping centers each day. Freight delivery is monitored by GPS and several scans are provided, advanced shipping logistics services start with customer ASN. The last of several scans provided to customers for audit trails/on-time performance measurement finishes at the store.

  • Dedicated management team on-site at retailers’ DC
  • Backhaul programs used to minimize expense of dedicated model
  • Industry leading fuel efficient transportation and distribution equipment
Trans Consolidation

Domestic Consolidation

Performance Team offers national transportation management services specializing in LTL, TL, GOH and Air Freight pick ups. Our flexible freight transportation management moves loose or palletized cartons, garments on hangers, furniture and high value goods. Performance Team also offers services as a freight forwarder with a complete understanding of the complexities of freight logistics.

  • Servicing over 3,000 vendors with a fleet of 350 power units
  • Vendor friendly web based scheduling system
  • Consolidation operation includes unloading, sort, segregation and loading of freight
  • Trailer pool management and outbound load planning is performed daily
  • EDI transmissions provided for all stages of a shipment
  • Dedicated customer service teams facilitate transport logistics and services
  • User friendly tracking via secure PT Client Zone via website
Trans Drayage


Offering port transportation in six of the largest US port cities, Performance Team is a trusted drayage company with over 60,000 containers drayed.

  • World class customer support team
  • GPS equipped trucks allowing for real-time tracking available via internet
  • Product handling, port trucking and port logistics
Trans Dedicated Fleet

Dedicated Fleet

World class customer service store delivery solutions for the nation’s leading retailers with over 99% on time delivery and extensive third-party backhaul solutions.

  • Outsourced engineered routing and optimization solutions
  • Secure supply chain with GPS tracking and bread crumb trail of all movements
  • Real-time tracking available via Internet of logistics, transportation and distribution.

Cross Docking Services

There are many benefits to a 3PL team employing cross docking rather than traditional utilization warehousing and transportation facilities.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cross dock services reduce costs by reducing inventory square footage in warehouses.
  • Keeping logistics and transportation simplified reduces opportunity for human error.