The Next Time You Visit Your Favorite Retail Store

While most of the world has been sheltering in place for the first half of 2020, retail stores have been hard at work changing the look, feel and design of their respective properties. It is safe to say that brick and mortar will look very different as they re-open. Wharton Professor Thomas Robertson, has referred to the current environment as a time of “creative destruction” within the retail industry. What will be different? Let’s examine five changes many retail stores are in the process of making.

#1 — Contactless payment will become the primary way of paying for…

Interview with Sonya Medlin, Director of Operations at Performance Team

Sonya Medlin has been working in the logistics industry for over thirty years. Sonya and her team were recently awarded the 2019 American Honda Premier Partner Award which was a momentous achievement in her career. Sonya shares her thoughts on women in supply chain, such as what it takes to excel in the industry and why she loves working for PT.

Q – Tell us about your time in college at Louisiana State University.

Sonya: To be perfectly honest, I was an art major and had a scholarship in art to attend Louisiana State University. Logistics was…

Performance Team’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

EL SEGUNDO, CA, MARCH 13, 2020 – Performance Team has been closely monitoring the coronavirus (or COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on our operations and our customers’ businesses. We are presently maintaining normal operations across our facilities and are committed to meeting all customer requirements to the greatest extent possible.

We have activated our Emergency Response Plan due to the risks associated with the virus, our obligation to our employees’ health and safety, and in an effort to do all that we can to help contain the spread of the virus and mitigate its impact on all of us. This involves sanitary…

Performance Team to join the global A.P. Moller – Maersk family of companies to operate their combined US distribution and logistics services.

Thanks to customers like you, we have had a remarkable track record over the last 30+ years as an independent company. Now, we have made the decision to leverage our success and expertise, expand our services, and bring our solutions and capabilities to a company that has the same passion for bringing logistics solutions to their customers. That is why, today, we have announced our agreement with Maersk to combine our capabilities in the third-party distribution and logistics sector together with their domestic transportation operations and global container logistics services. This will strengthen our ability to deliver products and…

2019 Holiday Season in Review

The 2019 holiday season broke records and closed the decade with a stronger consumer economy than predicted. Neither early winter storms, a late Thanksgiving holiday, concerns about tariffs, nor challenges at various ports across the United States could prevent a 4.1% year over year increase in holiday retail sales. While six days shorter than 2018 (and the shortest in the past seven years), the holiday season was wildly successful and builds positive momentum as we roll into 2020. The growth in retail sales was more than double the increase from 2017 to 2018. Cyber Monday broke all records…

Supply Chain Data & Analytics Can No Longer Be Ignored

Data and analytics are becoming a new gold currency in businesses around the globe. This is no different within the supply chain. Supply chain analytics represent the ability to make data-driven decisions based on a summary of relevant, trusted data, often using visualization in the form of graphs, charts, and other means. Supply chain analytics provide statistical methods to new and existing data sources while creating insights that can improve decision making. Improvements can be seen in front line operations and in strategic choices.

Warehousing is a segment of the business that is littered with data and analytical opportunities…

Interview with Jason Walker, VP of Operations at Performance Team

Jason Walker has been a member of the Performance Team family for more than nine years. He received his Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and his Masters in Global Supply Chain Management from the University of Southern California. Jason is currently PT’s Vice President of Operations. We asked Jason how he got his start in the industry and the future direction of the logistics industry.

1) How did you get your start in the supply chain & logistics industry?
My first job in supply chain was with UPS. UPS funded my undergraduate education in…

2019 Peak Season Shrinks Along with Warehouse Space and Transportation Options

Last year at this time, peak season forecasts were pretty rosy in the world of transportation and logistics, but now with the escalating trade-war between the US and China, warning signs of a sluggish global economy as well as a manufacturing slowdown are all around us.

US imports are up 1.6% over the last six months, compared to 6.5% last year. More than a third of respondents to a Logistics Management survey this year expect peak season to be less active — vs. 10% last year. If imports continue at the pace of the first half of 2019, this…

The Importance of the Last Mile

The last mile is quickly becoming the most important mile in shipping. In 2019, global e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 21.5%, according to recent reports. As recently as three years ago, consumer expectations fluctuated between three to five days for delivery of any item purchased online. Expectations have now shifted to a minimum threshold of one day delivery (preferably for free), and in many instances, two hours from the time the sale is completed. What role does speed of delivery play into your online purchases?

When examining the overall cost for shippers, the expense of…

Who’s Moving into Your Mall?

Have you noticed a change in your local mall recently? The traditional mall model that was developed nearly 70 years ago is heavily dependent on categories that are no longer fast-growing or meeting today’s consumer demands.

Department stores occupy 49% of the gross leasable area in U.S. shopping malls, with apparel & accessories stores occupying another 29%, according to a report by CBRE. These are two of the slowest growing categories in retail and the shift is resulting in a massive transformation of the tenants in malls.

Who is moving in?

Tech companies – Google recently