A Drone Take Over Is In Our (Warehouse) Future


In the very near future, that humming noise you are hearing in the warehouse will not be the air conditioning motor, but rather a fleet of drones cruising around taking inventory. We have reached a time when drone usage within the warehouse is being adopted by several major retailers as increased e-commerce demand is forcing companies to keep pace.  The average amount of time it takes a Walmart employee to manually check inventory in a warehouse is one month. It will take a drone one day to complete the same duties. This significant cost savings will allow Walmart to continue to make up some ground in terms of closing the gap between them and Amazon. Safety concerns within the warehouse will also be alleviated as drones can climb up to the high-reaching (and dangerous) shelves to take inventory. This process previously required a human to climb a ladder or lift truck.

Drones inside (and outside) of the warehouse can also help maintain a safe and secure environment. Many warehouses and distribution centers have already implemented drone cameras as a way to scan buildings for safety and security purposes, inspect lots and yards, track the location of trucks as they approach the dock, and locate trucks in a staging area when it’s their turn to load. The time and money savings will be substantial as companies accelerate the adoption of drones for this purpose.

The final hurdle to widespread adoption of drones in the warehouse is the easing of government regulations over commercial drones. Once the FAA begins to lift restrictions over drone usage during the daytime hours and within the operator’s line of sight, the forecast of over one million drones in commercial usage by the year 2021 will become a reality. This is one trend that makes sense to stay ahead of the curve.

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