Company History

Performance Team began operations in October 1987, inside an efficient 12,500 square foot warehouse facility in Escondido, California. The Company experienced near immediate success and achieved rapid financial growth through targeting services focused on consolidating prepaid vendor freight to multiple K-mart distribution centers.

In just one short year, the Company grew its customer base to service over 40 different accounts and expanded the scope of services which included warehousing and consolidation of garment-on-hanger products, full product inspections, and virtually all “store ready” preparation including pick-n-pack, and shipments to retail distribution centers.

Today our customer base has grown exponentially to over 5,000 customers currently, and over 9-million square feet in key supply chain hubs around the country, including Southern California, Northern California, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, Shreveport, Louisville, Kansas City, and the New York-New Jersey area.

In some ways, our story is just beginning as we seek measured and consistent growth in the coming years with a continued focus on our customers, our people and executing to the highest standards possible.

We’re the only thing that should come between your products and your customers!