Interview with Jason Walker, VP of Operations at Performance Team

Jason Walker has been a member of the Performance Team family for more than nine years. He received his Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and his Masters in Global Supply Chain Management from the University of Southern California. Jason is currently PT’s Vice President of Operations. We asked Jason how he got his start in the industry and the future direction of the logistics industry.

1) How did you get your start in the supply chain & logistics industry?
My first job in supply chain was with UPS. UPS funded my undergraduate education in Aviation Administration and Operations Management at Southern Illinois University and University of La Verne.
2) What emerging trends in the industry are you observing?
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotics, Predictive analytics, digitization of work environments, Omni Channel Warehouse design, Micro Forward Deployed Distribution Centers are a few emerging trends to keep on the radar.
3) We are witnessing an evolution in the brick and mortar retail space. In your opinion, what do you think the future holds for traditional brick and mortar retail stores?
Brick and Mortar will become showplaces for customers to touch and feel the product, stores will hold very little inventory, but have the ability to ship desired product to customers’ homes within 24 hours. Some Brick and Mortar may become forward-deployed micro fulfillment warehouses, depending on the industry.
4) PT is known in the industry as a strong partner and cutting-edge company that is active in their local communities. How is Performance Team able to consistently balance their responsibility to your clients and community?
Culture to development of associates and leadership from within. PT’s engagement with local educational institutions at various levels to engage top talent.
5) What advice do you have for new graduates who are considering a career in the supply chain industry?
Get hands-on work experience (don’t focus on titles), get in the door (prove yourself), look for companies, regardless of size, with a clear vision. Place value on who you work for (Ask, does the person I work for care about my individual development, are they a mentor)? Thanks to Mr. Jason Walker for sharing his thoughts and wisdom with us. Stay tuned for more interviews from members of the PT team.

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