Q&A with Performance Team CEO Craig Kaplan


What was the most significant trend to impact the retail supply chain in 2016?

The most significant trend in 2016 was the continued shift of volume from brick and mortar to e-commerce. This issue is here to stay and we need to continue to help design and support flexible solutions for our customers. In our March blog we spoke about how brick and mortar stores were evolving and the shift to e-commerce was accelerating. The 2016 holiday shopping season was further proof as the growth of e-commerce during the holidays keeps outpacing growth in stores as online sales increased 13% vs. 2015.  While Amazon is a large part of this, our customers are seeing incredible growth themselves and Performance Team is committed to working with our partners as they to continue to navigate this impactful trend.


What will be the key supply chain trends impacting retail in 2017?

More of the same!  You’ll continue to hear more about the “digital economy” which encompasses the Internet of Things (IoT) and the sensor data that can be leveraged by products and applications.  As the B2B aspect of this expands, you’ll begin to see this information used to further streamline and improve customer service in distribution and transportation, just as Uber has impacted the taxi business in a similar way.  Same-day fulfillment will continue to grow into a standard expectation for consumers. Retailers that can accurately deliver goods to an end consumer faster than their competitors will stay ahead of the curve.


What is PT doing to help its customers succeed in the coming year?

Performance Team will continue to focus on solid and consistent execution for 2017 while supporting our customers’ needs to remain flexible in a fast changing environment.  We continue to innovate and invest in our people, processes and technology to ensure our retail customers have the best supply chain solutions in the marketplace.