Performance Team Will Remain Performance Team

On April 1, 2020 Performance Team joined A.P. Moller – Maersk – and becomes part of the world’s largest integrated container logistics company.

Performance Team will continue to be Performance Team – our core values and the service you expect and require from us will remain unchanged. But the benefits our acquisition brings to our customers are many.

As part of Maersk, Performance Team will now be part of an extensive global network backed by the largest ocean fleet in the world, with the ability to combine origin and destination services to support your end-to-end logistics needs. Our companies have a lot in common, bringing together two teams that value innovation, strategic thinking, and a passion for delivering solutions for our customers.

The Performance Team brand will continue to represent quality, reliability, and flexibility, and continue to be spearheaded by the same leaders, account managers, and our hard-working employees to deliver solutions to your biggest logistics challenges. As a customer of Performance Team, you will not see any change in the way you do business with us, the only thing that is changing is you know will have access to a worldwide leader in global container logistics.

Should you have any questions not answered below, your account management team is ready to support. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to partner with you today and in the future.

Your questions – Our answers

The following provides important information on the topic of the integration. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local representatives.


Why is Performance Team being acquired by Maersk?

Maersk recognizes Performance Team’s reputation for client-centricity within the US domestic market, particularly the fast-growing e-commerce sector, as well as our long-established success in transportation and distribution for retail, automotive and other customer verticals. Maersk sees Performance Team as a strategic fit to strengthen our combined capabilities and enabling us to offer customers more services, more warehouse space, more trucking capabilities, and an improved, modern information system to manage supply chains.

Is Performance Team about to lose its unique character, personal service, and local contacts?

No. The Performance Team brand and key contacts will remain the same. We will continue to offer engineered solutions across the distribution and transportation spectrum for our customers in retail, apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, automotive and beyond. Our hands-on approach, can-do attitude, personalized service, and commitment to exceeding customer expectations will remain.

How will the Maersk acquisition affect me as a Performance Team customer?

Basically, nothing will change to your service, customer experience, and delivery of our solutions to you. Your contacts will remain the same. All agreed service levels, terms & conditions, and contracts will remain valid. By combining Performance Team and Maersk, customers will gain access to the world’s most extensive global network, while receiving the same dependable warehousing and transportation service you have come to depend on.

Product range

Will Performance Team and Maersk offer the same range of products and services – only under different names?

Yes. And over time, Performance Team and Maersk will begin integrating services as per customers’ needs only where it makes sense and adds value to them. We plan to leveraging each other’s key strengths in fulfilment services and distribution capabilities to customer’s warehouses and stores and address their challenges ahead.

Contracts, bookings, terms and conditions

Will existing contracts be changed or transferred to Maersk?

No. All agreed service levels, terms and conditions, and contracts will remain valid.


Who are key contacts if I have a problem or question?

All contacts with Performance Team (operations, customer service, and sales) will remain the same as they are today.

What will change immediately?

There are no plans for any immediate changes.

Will systems or service level change? Will I be forced to migrate to new platform?

Customer service remains the utmost priority with Performance Team. There are no plans for any immediate systems changes. Any changes to new or upgraded systems will be communicated well in advance and with the best interest of our customers in mind.

Is my data / company details secure?